Free Ad-Hoc Care Checklist

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Babysitting is often seen as an easy way to earn a bit of extra money, but if an accident occurs whilst you are caring for other’s children, you could be held liable. Therefore we highly recommend you have insurance.

If you have public liability insurance, then check your policy to see whether babysitting is covered (it often is), and any terms and conditions which may apply. If you do not adhere to your terms and conditions as stated, your insurance will be void and you will not be covered.

Some public liability insurance policies require you to have an initial first visit before you are left on your own with the children, and paperwork signed by the parents. Some of insurers, such as Pacey, require you to use their forms, but others allow you to use your own. To make things easier we’ve created one for you. Just print off a handful using the link below and pop them in your portfolio so you’re prepared for your next babysitting session. Take a moment to go check your own insurance policy now to make sure you are fully covered moving forwards.


Free Ad-hoc Care Checklist

Ideally you should fill in the form every time you go to babysit, just in case any details have changed. The risk assessment can be simple things such as moving sharp objects out of reach and securing locks to access, or may include things which need doing for longer terms such as installing a stair gate. These should be noted down, along with advice for the parents. You can use a separate sheet if needed.

Please ensure you read your public liability policy to ensure our form meets your insurers needs. Completing this checklist may provide evidence that the nanny has carried out a risk assessment of the premises and agreed key information with the parent(s)/guardian(s). We cannot be held liable if your insurance is void.

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