We want to bring the nanny industry up to date so we will be running various campaigns we'd love for you to get involved with.

Supportive Community

Our Facebook Group is available to you 24/7 for all your questions and queries, you can learn about what we're up to as well as supporting each other.

Job Board

We have a FREE job board to advertise your vacancies. It's so simple to use, join us today on Facebook.

Facebook Page

Follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news in our industry as well as other childcare related news.

Latest News

Improving the nanny industry one tap at a time

Relax knowing there's everything you need in one place...

  • Friendly Community
  • Support and Advice
  • Feedback from Nannies
  • Campaigning to improve the industry
  • Professional Approach
  • First hand experiences from other agencies
  • FREE Job Board to advertise your positions

Facebook Groups

We find Facebook is the easiest way to keep in touch and reach everyone. We have built up communities to help support each other and offer a job board.

The Nanny Agency Lounge

We aim to support Nanny Agencies to help them learn and improve the nanny industry. Our group allows agencies to seek advice, learn from others, share information and see the best practice for nanny agencies.
Please ensure you answer the questions upon joining.

The Nanny Lounge

We have a brilliant supportive community of over one thousand UK nannies in our Facebook group.
With a zero tolerance to bullying and the aim of defeating misinformation, we would love if you would recommend this group to your nannies as a safe space for them to talk.

Nanny Jobs Board

We have a fantastic Job Board available for you to either put yourself forward as a nanny looking for work, or post as a parent of agency with jobs available. 
We recommend and promote all jobs to be advertised with a gross wage in support of our #GoGross campaign. 

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