What does Nalo mean?

Nalo is an abbreviation of ‘The Nanny Lounge’, which is our Facebook group for nannies in the UK. We found far too many online groups were giving out the wrong information online and confusing American laws with those in the UK, so we started up our own group to help UK nannies and clear up many misunderstandings. This has grown into a fantastic supportive online community.

Supportive Community

Our Facebook Group is available to you 24/7 for all your questions and queries as well as a space for you to share your latest nanny wins or woes.

Downloadable Content

We will help provide you with forms, planners, ideas and more to keep your day to day nanny life running smoothly.


We want to bring the nanny industry up to date so we will be campaigning on your behalf to ensure nannies are treated fairly and know their rights.

Facebook Page

Follow our facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news in the nanny industry as well as funny memes and important information.

Meet Ups

Looking to meet other nannies in your area? Just ask! We can help point you in the direction of other nannies near you, or arrange informal meet ups.

Job Board

We have a FREE job board to advertise yourself as a nanny, or advertise nanny jobs in the UK. It's so simple to use, join us today on Facebook.

Recent Articles

Nanny Insurance

Nanny insurance isn’t mandatory unless you are ofsted registered, but we still highly recommend you have it. Your employers have to have insurance just in

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It's so easy to join us, even your nanny kids could do it!

Relax knowing there's everything you need in one place...

  • Friendly Community
  • Support and Advice
  • Up to Date Content
  • Campaigns for your Rights
  • Professional Approach
  • First hand experiences from working nannies
  • FREE Job Board

How Do I Join?

The great news is you’re already part of the way there, just be being here! All we ask is for you to be an active part of our community and tell you nanny friends about us.
We’re here to change the nanny industry with your help. 

The Nanny Lounge - Facebook Group

We have a brilliant supportive community of over one thousand UK nannies in our facebook group. Come join us!

With a zero tolerance to bullying and the aim of defeating misinformation, you just need to answer the three simple questions to become a member and we will accept you as soon as possible.

Nanny Jobs Board - Facebook Group

We have a fantastic Job Board available for you to either put yourself forward as a nanny looking for work, or post as a parent of agency with jobs available. 
We recommend and promote all jobs to be advertised with a gross wage in support of our #GoGross campaign. 

Social Media

You can also follow us via our Facebook page or Instagram


If you have an suggestions or would like to have a chat with us, just send us an email:



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