As a nanny you will have access to a great deal of personal data, whilst this may include other sensitive information (we’ll get to that), this form is focusing on photographs of your charges.

You should be clear about why you are taking photographs of your charges (to send to parents, for your portfolio, social media), where you are storing them (phone, computer, google drive, hard copy), and why you need to keep these.

You need to discuss whether they will be deleted instantly when they have served their purpose (i.e deleted straight after they have been sent to the parents), deleted after you stop working for the family, or if they are happy for you to keep the photographs.

Your agreement will need to be clear that you will not share any of the images with another party unless there is a lawful basis to do so, for example a safeguarding issue, or if you are using the images on social media you will be clear where they are being shared.

Consent is able to be withdrawn at any time and you must respect this by not taking any more photographs and removing/deleting the photographs you already have unless there is a legal bases for keeping them.

This form is aimed at self employed nannies, as employed nannies should already have this covered in their contracts. However, if you would like to add this to your contract to expand upon any clauses you already have, you may do so with your employers consent.

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