Nannypalooza is the first nanny conference held in the UK over two days. As a nanny soon becomes part of the family, it is easy to forget that they are your employee. 

In other working industries it is common for the company to pay for it’s employees to undertake training and courses to keep up to date with current legislation, information and good practice. So should the same apply for nannies? Of course! 


Nannypalooza provides nannies with the chance to network with other nannies and childcare experts and reignite their imagination and passion for childcare. 

Your nanny will learn new strategies, resources and tools to be the best nanny possible.

It’s a great way of showing your nanny how much they are valued.

We know that all nanny employers have a different budget, so whether you choose to pay for the whole event or just make a gesture such as paying for train tickets, I’m sure your nanny would very much appreciate it. 

Has your nanny not heard about Nannypalooza? Make sure you let them know. 

Comments from previous conferences

“I always gain new information to take back to my nanny family. As a matter of fact, I texted with both of my employers between sessions and they were very excited!”

Tracey Chipps, Nanny

“An amazing weekend! I am so excited to go back to work on Monday and try some of the ideas I learned. I am grateful that my nanny family understands the importance of continued education for my little one” 

– Nanny C

“The nannies at this conference ask such insightful questions about their charges. Each is determined to go home even more prepared to help their nanny family thrive in every way possible”

– Deborah Gilboa, M.D. past Nannypalooza speaker and parenting expert on the Today Show


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